Swiss credit for Germans

When it comes to a loan without Credit Bureau query, the language of a Swiss loan is usually. The Swiss are so free to refrain from asking Credit Bureau before granting a loan. Even better: you have no way of accessing this data at all.

For many consumers the only chance to get a loan, because with a negative Credit Bureau entry they have little chance of a fair offer in Germany. But how does a Swiss loan work for Germans and how can it be applied for?

Two ways lead to credit

Two ways lead to credit

The Swiss loan for Germans can be applied for in two different ways. On the one hand, as a borrower, you can go directly to Switzerland and apply to a bank there. Do not forget that the bank needs proof of income and possibly also collateral.

If you want to have the application processed immediately, the documents must be complete. If everything fits and you can agree on a loan, it can be paid out in cash or transferred to a checking account.

This variant is particularly worthwhile if you live very close to the border and do not have to accept a long journey.

The second variant for a Swiss loan for Germans works through a credit intermediary. You can use this to make contact over the Internet. He will then take care of the complete loan processing, obtain offers and forward all documents to the bank. However, the intermediary charges a commission for its services. In addition, you cannot choose the bank from which you want to take out the loan. You should only choose this variant if you cannot travel to Switzerland yourself.

General information about Swiss credit

General information about Swiss credit

A Swiss loan is granted even in the case of a negative Credit Bureau, but only if there is a permanent employment relationship from which a seizable income arises. In addition, the highest loan amount is 3,500 dollars. It is therefore a small loan. This can be used for a variety of things, since the bank does not link it to a specific purpose.

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